• 1 South Shore Nutrition

    Supporting optimal health through personalized nutrition
  • 1 Individuals

    Comprehensive, holistic nutrition evaluations and targeted, personalized plans
  • 1 Health Practitioners

    Integrate nutrition into your medical practice
  • 1 Companies

    Nutrition and lifestyle support for
    your employees
  • 1 Schools

    Nutritional guidance for staff, parents
    and students
  • 1 Restaurants

    Menu consultations, recipe analysis, allergy awareness training


South Shore Nutrition, located on the South Shore of Boston, is dedicated to supporting optimal health through personalized nutrition. We offer a host of customized nutrition services for individuals and families, health care providers, restaurants, companies, schools and other organizations to support the achievement of nutrition-related goals. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Our mission is your health!

Nutritionally yours,

Tenley Mirza, MS, CNS
Clinical Nutritionist and Founder
For Individuals:

South Shore Nutrition can support you, individually, or your entire family in your path toward optimal health and wellness. Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness, trying to lose weight, struggling to learn the ins and outs of a special diet (like the gluten-free diet), planning for pregnancy, seeking guidance in nutritional supplements, or raising a child with autism or ADHD, South Shore Nutrition is here for you. We offer a holistic, comprehensive, individualized approach to nutrition and health promotion, and have multiple appointment options. Phone and Skype sessions are also available.

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For Health Practitioners:

If you are seeking nutritional support for your patients with chronic diseases or are looking to expand preventative care in your practice, South Shore Nutrition has numerous options for health care providers, including patient referrals, group nutrition sessions, patient newsletters, and more. A standardized referral form and quick screening tools are available upon request.

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For Companies:

South Shore Nutrition provides a number of services for companies and other organizations looking to give nutrition and lifestyle guidance to their employees or members. Services can include group weight-loss clinics, nutrition seminars, cafeteria consultations, nutrition e-newsletters and on-site individual nutrition consultations.

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For Schools:

Good nutrition starts early! Let South Shore Nutrition supply your school community with nutrition workshops, e-newsletters for staff members and/or parents, and cafeteria consultations to assist in the development of healthier, allergy-friendly menu items.

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For Restaurants:

South Shore Nutrition can analyze recipes for nutritional content and help your restaurant or food-service organization be better equipped to handle growing demands for healthier menu items and allergy awareness.

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